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This is a very simple question, with complex answers. Since there are no authoritative sources regarding strategy, such as Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for accounting, strategy is more abstract and can mean different things to different people.

We take a pragmatic approach to strategy using our Visionary Framework. Applying it will help us answer key questions, such as what your business’ key capabilities are, core competencies, and sources of competitive advantage. This will provide you with the clarity you are looking for by converting these key strategic elements into defined implementation steps and a measurement system that will both align and monitor performance across your organization.

We typically help companies and business units within large organizations with 200-1000 employees and $50 to $200 million in sales annually. We may be able to help other small or larger organizations depending on the business’ needs, but we typically do not support start-ups. Our clients tend to be going through transition and require expertise to help plan and execute this change.

Organizations experience a wide variety of challenges. This is especially the case when a major event happens such as a merger, divesture, or other major growth initiatives. Our expertise and capabilities allow our clients to manage and execute complex changes to systems, processes, and people using a structured approach customized to each client’s business environment and leveraging dozens of past projects.

We have flexible pricing policies that will vary depending on the scope, complexity, and resourcing of each engagement. Some are fixed fee, others are time and material, and others have contingencies. Contact us for more information.

Let’s have a conversation. We would like to talk about your business, your objectives, and see if we can help you. It is a free consultation with no obligations.

"The aim of strategic planning is action now"

Peter F. Drucker