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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning will help you answer existential questions, provide solutions to business challenges, identify your next moves, and clarify your roadmap to meeting your objectives. Using our Visionary Framework, you will be able to align your stakeholders and plan your next 3-5 years with confidence.


Using our proven Visionary Framework, we help you answer 4 key questions using our 4-step approach:

1. What is our current situation and how did we get here?

2. What options are available to us and what should we do going forward?

3. What are the steps we need to take to meet our objectives?

4. How will we measure performance as we move forward?

Our capabilities will enable you to formulate a cohesive game plan, clearly communicate that game plan to your teams, align your resources, and move forward with confidence as profits increase over time.

Reflection Phase

Research key factors and trends impacting your industry, competition, and your business’ competitive position

Assess opportunities and threats

Assess strengths, weaknesses, core competencies and capabilities

Stakeholder positioning and alignment

Financial assessment

Visioning Phase

Review your mission, vision, values, and core purpose

Set clear goals, targets, and objectives

Identify and assess strategic alternatives by conducting in-depth qualitative and quantitative analyses

Strategy formulation, value proposition and change management

Strategic alignment

Financial strategy and forecast

Transformation Phase

Strategy selection and formulation

Roadmap design and implementation plan

Change management

Performing Phase

Define metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Performance management system to monitor progress of your strategic plan and its relationship to profitability


Strategy Execution

Strategy execution is where most businesses struggle. According to Harvard Business Review, 67% of well formulated strategies fail to be executed. Value creation of your strategies lie in its execution, not on paper. We are experts in strategy execution. Our capabilities will help you identify the changes that need to be made in order to meet your business objectives. As your partner of choice, we are here to help you every step of the way.


We look at five domains that are essential to any business and how they need to be changed to accommodate your strategy.

Our Visionary Framework allows us to structure our approach and develop a realizable implementation plan together.


Governance structure

Program and project management

Responsibility accounting

Decision making framework

Delegation of authority


Organizational design


Resourcing and capacity planning

Job design

Performance management system


Business process design and optimization


Systems design and implementation

Performance Management

Strategy tool to communicate business strategy

Performance measurement system


Performance Management

Measuring and managing performance at the organizational, divisional, and employee level are of extreme importance to successfully execute strategy. These components must be in alignment to reach your goals and objectives.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) must also correctly reflect and measure the elements that are most important to your strategy. These include both leading and lagging indicators across domains, not just financial.

Our expertise will help you both ensure alignment across your business and ensure that you are measuring the right KPIs. What gets measured gets managed.

Our Approach

We typically start by reviewing your current strategy and related performance management system to assess its alignment with one another. With this assessment, we can propose key solutions:

Strategy Map:

A tool used to communicate and align strategy across your business.

Balanced Scorecard:

This is an extension of the Strategy Map. This tool is used to measure and monitor the key drivers behind the execution of your strategy.

Performance Management Systems and Alignment:

Assess alignment of your business unit with the organization’s business strategy.


Finance Transformation

Transforming your finance function by leveraging technology and data analytics is an integral part of being a business partner. We have helped CFOs through dozens of transformation initiatives. We work hand in hand with your finance leadership to help design and implement your finance organization of the future.

Our Capabilities

As Certified Public Accountants, we understand your financial, management, and regulatory reporting complexities. We are familiar with complex requirements, system limitations, and manual workarounds within financial operations. Our capabilities have helped several CFOs reach their objectives.

Finance Function Design

Using industry leading tools and techniques, we can help you design your finance function and your target operating model. This will give you a clear picture of where you are positioned today, and what your finance organization will look like in the future.

Program and Project Management

Our project management office capabilities will allow for the right governance structure and project management methodologies as they relate to your business environment. Since we are also experts in financial systems and processes, this allows for better project planning and execution. This translates into reduced costs, higher quality, and timely delivery.

Systems Design and Implementation

Our expertise in implementing financial systems is one of our core competencies. We have managed end-to-end deployments with the ability to deliver in waterfall, agile, and hybrid delivery models. Our expertise include:

Business requirements elicitation and documentation

Functional specifications

Testing design and execution

Migration and system conversions

System deployments and post-implementation support

Business Process Design and Optimization

Our experts will help you assess your current business processes and document your future state business processes using a holistic view of your finance organization, systems, and people.

Change Management

The people aspect to change is often overlooked during finance transformation initiatives, and this can be a major setback. We are here to help you communicate your vision, build capabilities, and support your teams every step of the way.

"The aim of strategic planning is action now"

Peter F. Drucker